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1. The Delhi Kalyan Samiti provides grants-in-aid from the Delhi Welfare Fund. The Memorandum of Association and Rules of the Society are enclosed as Annexure –I & II.


(i) The Grant shall be utilized by the Institution/Society/Organization/Trust/Individual for the purpose for which it is sanctioned. In case they intend to utilize the amount of Grant for some other purpose, specific and prior approval of the Delhi Kalyan Samiti shall have to be obtained by them.

(ii) The Institution/Organization/Individual to whom grant is to be released shall be required to disclose the other Source/Institution from which any sort of financial assistance, either in the form of grant or in the form of soft loan has been obtained for the same purpose. They shall also be required to give an undertaking in this regard indicating how they have utilized/propose to utilize the financial assistance from other sources.

(ii) Fresh grants shall not be released to any institution/organization unless the Utilization Certificate in Form GFR-19A duly certified by Chartered Accountant and signed by authorized signatory is submitted by the Society/ Organization/ Trust/Individual in respect of earlier grants.

(iv) The grant-in-aid to the institution/organization/society shall not be released without submission of the project report.

(v) The Society/Organization/Trust/Individual shall not dispose of the assets created out of the grant without the prior written approval of the Delhi Kalyan Samiti.

(vi) Grant-in-aid shall be given only to the Institution/ Organization/ Society registered under Societies Registered Act, 1860 or Indian Trusts Act, 1882 at Delhi.

(vii) The accounts of grantee institution shall be open for inspection by Delhi Kalyan Samiti or by any other Officer as may be authorized in this behalf and audit of the grant will be conducted by Directorate of Audit of Govt. of NCT of Delhi.

(viii) The Institution/ Organization shall refund the grants to Delhi Kalyan Samiti in cases:- (a) Grant is not utilized for the purpose within the specified period,
(b) Institution is closed and in case of breach or no fulfillment of any of the conditions. Amounts found recoverable from the Grantee under these rules shall be recoverable as arrears of land Revenue.

(ix) The release of grants shall normally be subject to:-
a. Grants to the institutions/organizations Rs.30.00 lakhs
b. Grants to the individuals Rs.1,00,000/-

(x) No utilization certificate shall be required from an individual in case the amount of grant is upto Rs.25,000/-. But, he shall be asked to submit an affidavit within two months of the release of such grants to the effect that he has utilized the amount of grant to for the purpose for which it was sanctioned. If such, affidavit is not submitted, the case for further release shall not be considered.

(xi) No grant to any of the departments of the Government of Delhi may be considered and that they may be asked to meet the expenditure from Plan – provisions/budgetary provision and in case the above provisions fall short, they may come out with the RE proposals, but grants to such departments shall not be released by the Delhi Kalyan Samiti.

(xii) (a) Not to consider the cases of NGOs, for providing them recurring grants-in-aid on year to year basis, shall be applicable” but in case a new project is undertaken by the same organization, it shall be treated as a separate activity and will not come within the definition of recurring grants. Not grants for recurring expenses, like expenditure on administration, establishment etc. should, not ordinarily be provided for such cases.

(xiii) (i) It was considered desirable that a procedure may be involved while considering the cases for financial assistance to the individuals to ensure that income/resources of the applicant are ascertained and taken into consideration while recommending such cases.
(ii) In future, grants for the Gaushalas/ Gosadans shall be considered only for the purpose of construction work and not for the provision of fodder for the cattle.
(iii) Whenever any grant is given to a hospital, it must be ensured that the Hospital has been complying with the condition of providing free medical treatment to poor patients, as provided in their land allotment letter by the DDA or otherwise provided free treatment to 10% poor patients/cases referred by Delhi Government.
(iv) Grants-in-aid fro holding conference/seminar should be discouraged, and as a policy, the concerned Secretaries/Pr. Secretaries shall not recommend release of grant for such purposes in future.

(xvi) (a) As a separate “Illness Fund” (Delhi Arogya Nidhi) with Rs.2.00 crores has been created, no request for release of grants to the individuals for medical treatment shall normally be considered by the Delhi Kalyan Samiti henceforth.
(b) Grants-in-aid to the organizations shall be considered and released only once and there shall be no release on year to year basis or otherwise.
(c) No institution will be eligible for consideration if it has received any assistance from DKS during the preceding 2 years.
(d) No Government Department/Autonomous Body/Agency which receives budgetary support from Govt. of NCT of Delhi will be eligible for assistance from DKS.

(xv) If GIA is required for the purpose of construction of building in Delhi . The copy of title of land, building plan prepared by approved Architect and the building plan/site plan their after approved by MCD/Local Bodies are required.

3.(i) On Application, it takes minimum three months for the case process.
(ii) The Governing Body shall meet at least once in a year.
(iii) The Executive Committee shall meet at least once in two months or at all call by the Chairman.
(iv) Some cases of urgent/time bound nature the same can be approved by circulation. The same are later placed as Action Taken in the next Executive Committee Meeting.


1. Accounts Officer, DKS 
Finance Department – DKS
Govt. of NCT of Delhi
4th Floor, Wing-A
Delhi Secretariat
I.P.Estates, New Delhi 

TEL NO: 23392740

2. Joint Director, DKS/ Dy. Secretary (Finance)
Finance Department – DKS
Govt. of NCT of Delhi
4th Floor, Wing-A
Delhi Secretariat
I.P.Estates, New Delhi

TEL NO: 23392603

3. Member (DKS)/Pr. Secretary (Fin) / Secretary (Finance)
Finance Department – DKS Fax: 23392070
Govt. of NCT of Delhi
4th Floor, Wing-A
Delhi Secretariat
I.P.Estates, New Delhi

TEL NO: 23392131

4. Website: 
Department – Delhi Kalyan Samiti
Forms can be downloaded from the site.